Cancer Champions – T.V. Personalities

TV Personalities

T.V. Personalities with cancer – they report the news, entertain with talk shows, find themselves in far off places and often dangerous surroundings, they are part of the history of this country as they provide each of us an inside look at places and situations we would never otherwise see. They are poised and articulate in delivering an objective voice on today’s issues tragic events.

Some of these cancer champions are still fighting their battle with cancer while others sadly have been taken by the worst of all diseases and one that respects nobody, favors nobody, overlooks nobody and spreads without restriction to both men and women, old and young, rich and poor, famous and obscure. In short there is nothing as despised or feared as a cancer diagnosis.

Tom Brokaw the face of the nightly News for years struggled with his bone marrow cancer diagnosis, Hoda Kotb the delightful and vibrant co-host of “The Today Show” received her breast cancer diagnosis in 2007, Peter Jennings the anchor of “World News Tonight” for many years passed due to a bout with lung cancer, Robin Roberts the achor of “Good Morning Today” fought and won her battle with breast cancer while Ed Bradley the stoic and award winning journalist fought a silent battle with leukemia and ending with a fond farewell in 2006 because of his great accomplishments.

No matter the outcome of their cancer diagnosis, these beloved Television personalities were able to stir emotions in each of us as we witnessed first had the events happening all around us and around the world. Our thanks for your courage and determination in the face of a cancer battle.