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Celebrities with Cancer

Celebrities with cancer – What is a celebrity? According to the almanac a celebrity is a famous person, newsmaker, big name, VIP, household name, movie star, superstar or megastar. Well that is a broad definition that would cover a lot of people. Our celebrities with cancer list covers a wide range of personalities but all fit within the official definition.

We have Nelson Mandela the former President of South Africa and imprisoned champion of mankind who battled prostate cancer. Ronald Reagan the beloved and former president of the United States had two types of cancer – skin cancer which he had removed twice while in office and then he also had colon cancer during his presidency which most people don’t know. Farrah Fawcett who was one of the 3 famous stars of the hit series Charlies Angels also suffered from a rare anal cancer, surprisingly all 3 of the show’s stars ended up with a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer will attack anyone, anyplace and anytime, it is no respecter of persons and cares not how much money you have or don’t, what your celebrity status is, if you have a healthy lifestyle (although this seems to help) or whether you have lots of bad habits, It doesn’t care if you have won a public office or spent lots of time in jail. It doesn’t care if you spent your life serving others, singing and dancing your way to fame or were a dedicated homemaker or caregiver. It simply is the worst thing ever introduced to mankind.

We hope you enjoy our celebrities with cancer section and invite you to browse these extraordinary personalities that dealt with the tragedy that is cancer all while in the public eye. As they say the “show must go on” and these famous people with cancer did so in amazing ways.