Cancer Type – Breast

Bio – Suzanne Somers the television star turned fitness guru and author found she needed to focus on her own health when she thought she was in prime shape. Read her story here…

Short Story – She beat breast cancer after being diagnosed in 2001, yet Suzanne Somers was shocked when she was told she had cancer throughout the body, and ended up in the hospital six years later. The news was hard to take, due to her health lifestyle (eating organic, regular exercise, etc.), yet it turned out to be a false alarm. The hospitalization was a result of breathing in a black mold hidden in a house her and her husband had been renting.

Somers’ has a passion to help people detoxify their lives, and her 25th book, Toxic: From Toxic to Not Sick, suggests a three-day coconut oil cleanse. “Virgin organic coconut oil, coconut oil is kind of magical,” Somers said. “I don’t sell it. I wish I did because I am so hot on it that I could probably make money. But it heals your intestines.”

Somers also advises to get enough sleep.

Getting cancer was the beginning of a new life for the actress who starred in the 1977 TV sitcom, Three’s Company. When diagnosed, the actress did not want to believe it, as she had thought she had taken care of herself. After motivating women to become the healthiest versions of themselves, Somer’s realized she had work to do on herself. One of the big keys, sleeping more. She was staying up late into the night writing her books, versus nurturing herself with much needed rest.

She has remained cancer-free since 2001. We hope you live forever Suzanne! Quoted as wanting to live well into her 100’s, “My success was and is self-evident. I’m alive. I’ve lived. I’ve thrived and have grown as a person. I’m now healthier than ever. Who can argue with that?”

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BornSuzanne Marie Mahoney, October 16, 1946 (age 70), San Bruno, California, U.S.
OccupationActress, author, singer, businesswoman
Years active1963–present
Spouse(s)Bruce Somers (1965–68), Alan Hamel (1977–present)
Children1 son (with Somers)