Cancer Type – Uterine/Gynecolgical

Bio –  Fran Drescher questioned; Too thin? Too Young? These questions and more took two years and eight doctors to correctly answer that she had gynecological cancer. Read her story here…

Short Story – Her voice is unforgettable. And her story, Cancer Schmancer, book and foundation, even more so. The actress was told repeatedly, you are too thin, too young, and you are eating too much spinach. Yet these answers did not feel right to Fran Drescher.

She felt something off with her body, and it took two years and doctors to discover that she had gynecological cancer. Most doctors were nor ordering the proper diagnostic tests, only prescribing hormones and telling her she was too young for anything to be wrong. Yet, finally after a two year fight and endometrial biopsy, her greatest fear was confirmed, cancer.

She wrote her book in 2002 to share her story of survival to help other women, which turned into a crusade and life mission to improve women’s health care in America. Starting the Cancer Schmancer Foundation to educate and empower women with medical knowledge, and advocate and raise funds for the prevention and early detection of cancer.

“We need to take control of our bodies, become greater partners with our physicians and galvanize as one to let our legislators know that the collective female vote is louder and more powerful than that of the richest corporate lobbyists. As Frederick Douglass said, “Power concedes nothing without demand. It never has and it never will,” said Drescher of her movement.

Her voice carried her to two Emmy Award nominations for her work on the hit sitcom, The Nanny, and was featured on The Simpsons and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Yet, her distinction now is helping to end cancer mortality.

The uterine cancer survivor uses the reflection of her own misdiagnosis and mistreatments to empower women and the medical community. After touring for her book, she realized how common her story was among other women. Since she was a star, she had the ability to help. Because her own experience led her through the wrong questions to ask the right ones, she could be a voice.

Thank you Fran for all you do to help prevent cancer. Read her Gynecological Cancer Cheat Sheet Below:

Cancer Schmancer’s Gynecologic Cancer Cheat Sheet

In the United States, more than 83,000 patients are diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer annually.* The three most common gynecologic cancers are uterine, ovarian, and cervical cancer. Each cancer may have a variety of symptoms and associated risk factors that may include:

Risk Factors:

– I am not getting screened regularly with a Pap test
– I am at high-risk for human papillomaviruses (HPV)
– I smoke
– I am very overweight
– I eat a diet high in fat
– I am a woman older than age 60
– I started menstruating at an early age—before age 12
– I take hormone replacement therapy (HRT) drugs

Warning Symptoms:

– Indigestion, heartburn, nausea, or gas
– Abdominal swelling or discomfort
– Pelvic pain or cramping
– Bloating or a sense of fullness, even after small meals
– Backache
– Painful, frequent, or burning urination with no infection
– Diarrhea or constipation
– Loss of appetite or unintentional weight loss or gain
– Vaginal bleeding or irregular periods
– Unusual vaginal bleeding or discharge after menopause
– Pain during intercourse

These symptoms can often be similar to other diseases and conditions. However, if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, make an appointment with your doctor right away. You should discuss which of the following screening and diagnostic tools may be appropriate for you: PAP Test, CA 125 Blood Test, Trans-vaginal Ultrasound, Biopsy.

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BornFrancine Joy Drescher, September 30, 1957 (age 59), Kew Gardens, New York, U.S.
OccupationComedian, model, actress, television producer, author
Years active1977–present
Political partyDemocratic
Spouse(s)Peter Marc Jacobson (m. 1978; div. 1999), Shiva Ayyadurai (m. 2014; separated 2016)