Cancer Champions – Actresses

Actresses With Cancer

Actresses with cancer is an award that none of these great ladies would prefer to have. Unfortunately however each of our Cancer Champions has been impacted by a diagnosis of cancer in any of its ugly and devastating forms. Each has accepted the new role they have been chosen to play and doing whatever necessary to fight and win. We are particularly impressed with these great women that endured and lived through their cancer experience in the public eye with cameras flashing all around them wherever they were.

From the days of the hip and ultra-edgy 90210 (for the 90’s) Shannen Doherty has become an amazing champion of Breast cancer as she unashamedly allowed each of us to follow along as she dealt with cancer, loss of hair and energy and the transformation that has become Shannen’s new reality. Wanda Sykes and her brash personality and aggressive appearance schedule has taken the forefront to her Breast cancer battle. We always remember her memorable lines spoken to Jane Fonda in “Monster In-Law) “I’m sick, I am sick and tired of your sh%t” Truer words were never spoken from the perspective of cancer patient.

We congratulate each of our Champions who have personally been through the valley of shadows and emerged victorious. They have the unique perspective as a celebrity to live their life on a pedestal and in plain view of an adoring public. Some have very special relationships with their husbands who together are very vocal for cancer research and charitable causes. Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks are quite the couple and he has been a great example of the kind of support a cancer patient needs to have and the unconditional love each of us need.

Enjoy browsing through these great stories and tell a friend. Hopefully taking time to see that cancer is no respecter of persons and it matters not how much money you have, how well recognized you are, where you live or what you drive. We are all in this together to find a cure and get though today as best we are able.