Cancer Champions – Actors

Actors With Cancers

Actors with Cancer features 10 extraordinary men who have all been leading men on the big screen or in the privacy of our own home, and represent personas larger than life. We admire them for their ability to transport us to far off places or battle evil at home. They receive awards and have their photo taken 100’s of times on the red carpet or on the beach. They are united as skilled actors but also as now champions for cancer and prevention.

The leading men in the Cancer Champions for Actors also represent the definition of courage and strength. Each of our chosen recipients has had their life changed forever because of a Cancer Diagnosis. From Thyroid, to Colon to Brain to Lung and many others, they know what each member of the cancer Horizons community is going through, first hand.

Who can forget Ben Stiller as a member of the frat pack and now our champion for Prostate cancer or Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Logan and Jean Valjean in Les Miserable and now a major spokesman for Skin Cancer issues and obtaining regular checkups. Michael Douglas as a swashbuckling treasure hunter or hard core Gordon Gecko and a survivor of throat cancer. Mr. T from the A-Team and Rocky series, Richard Roundtree as Shaft, Dustin Hoffman in a long list of award winning roles, to our favorite James Bond, Roger Moore to Robert De Niro the patriarch of tough in everyone’s book.