We see them on red carpets; we see them in action movies and on popular television programs. They are larger than life wearing the best clothes, driving the classiest cars or being chauffeured. They are followed around by paparazzi just to get a glimpse of them living a regular life even for a moment.
Well, wonder no more because the recipients of the Cancer Horizons “Cancer Champions” recognition have all suffered the pains of cancer, like many members of our community. Each of these Celebrities, Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Singers, Athletes, politicians and Cancer Champions have all endured the devastation of cancer in their lives and struggled to beat the dragon back so they could continue doing what they loved.
Cancer is absolutely no respecter of persons; it attacks the rich and the poor, the popular and the outcast, the famous and the isolated, men and women, children and pets, Astronauts and Miners, Presidents and Kings. In short there is no place to run and no place to hide from the devastation that is cancer.
We give our very own “Standing Ovation” to each and every member of the Cancer Champions for their courage, willingness to open up in truth and talk about something as private as their own health and mortality. They already have the eyes and ears of the public and have chosen to not only entertain us but warn us about cancer and the benefit of regular screenings, being courageous and never giving up.
It is with a profound sense of gratitude that we recognize each of the recipients for the incredible talent they have brought to the stage, screen, playing field or podium. For allowing us to laugh and cry, wonder about space, fight and win every battle, share emotions and relate to characters in very personal ways. Our lives are forever impacted in rich and empowering ways by the individuals honored in our cancer champions.

Celebrities, Musicians & Athletes With Cancer