There is no better way to support cancer patients and cancer research or to create cancer awareness than with cancer ribbons. These ribbons are very important in order to raise funding and remind everyone just how important it is. Each color represents a different type of cancer. As the symbol for cancer awareness, these ribbons are worn by many and recognized by most. A majority of people will recognize pink as being the color for breast cancer ribbons. There are colors for most types of cancer, and each one raises awareness for its organization. Below is a guide of each color and the type of cancer it represents.

  • Anal Cancer – Blue and Green
  • Appendix Cancer – Amber
  • Bladder Cancer – Blue, Marigold, and Purple
  • Bone Cancer – Yellow
  • Brain Tumor – Gray
  • Breast Cancer – Pink
  • Carcinoid Cancer – Zebra
  • Cervical Cancer – Teal and White
  • Childhood Cancer – Gold
  • Colon Cancer – Blue
  • Endometrial Cancer – Peach
  • Esophageal Cancer – Periwinkle
  • Gallbladder Cancer – Green
  • Head and Neck Cancer – Burgundy and Ivory

How did ribbons become the symbol for Cancer Awareness? Many think that it dates back to the 1980’s. Susan G. Komen was trying to raise awareness for breast cancer, so the organization introduced pink breast cancer ribbons as a way to get people’s attention and funding for breast cancer. From there, other organizations began using cancer ribbons as a way to create awareness for all of the types of cancer. For rare forms of cancer that don’t have a specific color ribbon, lavender is typically used. Few people know that the use of symbolic ribbons actually dates back much further. In medieval times, when Knights won battles, they were awarded yellow ribbons. This is how the short, looped piece of ribbon became symbolic and is now used to raise awareness.

You don’t have to use an actual ribbon for cancer awareness! The ribbon image is a highly recognized symbol. We see it on hats, shirts, keychains, jewelry and coffee mugs, just to name a few. A multitude of products bears the image of a ribbon to raise awareness for cancer!

The most widely recognized ribbon is the pink ribbon. Every October, we see the pink ribbon on stamps, food containers, and thousands of other products. Many products are simply colored pink to support awareness and a portion of sales is typically donated to breast cancer research.

It doesn’t matter which color a person chooses to wear, each one is equally important and raises awareness. A single color may be used to represent more than one cause. Ribbons for Cancer Awareness promotes compassion, support, and funding.

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