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Cancer Awareness

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Cancer Awareness & Prevention should be everyone’s business. According to the National Cancer Institute, the various forms of cancer are one of the leading causes of death in the United States coming in second. This fact alone should wake most people up but surprisingly enough it doesn’t. Which is why cancer Horizons along with all of the other cancer societies, cancer institutes and 100’s of cancer associations spend countless hours publishing cancer awareness type materials and advocating for getting checked often.

Cancer screenings are getting to be less and less invasive and done quickly so there are very few excuses why someone wouldn’t want to protect themselves and their loved ones by getting a cancer screening often, especially if there is a history of cancer in the immediate family.

This section of our website will be devoted to innovation, practical solutions and where necessary strong language to motivate even the most resistant “at risk person” to get into their local medical practice and get some peace of mind. We will cover Cancer Facts and hard stats, Promote Genetic testing to identify if you are at risk, showcase innovation in the testing and screening labs and become a champion for “Just Do It” type encouragement.

So if you or a loved one have not had a cancer screening this year then we suggest you schedule RIGHT NOW- get the Mammogram, Get into your dermatologist to talk about that new freckle or mole, get your Colonoscopy scheduled, nagging cough get into your physician for a breathing test. These are all simple solutions to what could turn into a lifetime of heartache or even death. Please do it now so we don’t have to publish your cancer story on our site because it was prevented!

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