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Cancer Horizons is one of the premier portals for Cancer patients on the internet. In our role to help and assist cancer patients nationwide, we continue to be inspired by the 100’s of local and national organizations providing an invaluable service to anyone that is experiencing cancer on any level and in any form.

The funding mechanism for most of these organizations is through donations from individuals, corporations, trusts and donations in kind. In order to deliver the needed resources to cancer patients they rely exclusively on incoming donations. Cancer Horizons wants to help them as much as possible by featuring these fine organizations on our website for free and encouraging our 1000’s of followers to help where they can.

Our Message To Business Owners Everywhere – There are lots of causes that need your help, there are so many in this world suffering on some level. Our concern is and has always been on behalf of the estimated 18-million US citizens that are currently dealing with a cancer diagnosis. These are your Moms and Dads, Brothers and Sisters, Aunts and Uncles. Sons and Daughters, and Grandmas and Grandpas and clients. Everyone knows someone that has cancer.

These are the people we are concerned with and interested in partnering with any local or national non-profit cancer association to help you get the word out to the masses on your amazing organization. We are happy to highlight your group including information on:

  • Mission Statement
  • Cancer Specialty
  • Service Area
  • Spotlights on your members
  • Awards Received and Recognition
  • Upcoming Events and Fundraisers
  • Featured Articles on Cancer

If you are a manager or CEO of a non-profit 501c-3 association we want to hear from you. Just complete the request form on this page and one of our staff members will contact you directly to discuss your involvement with Cancer Horizons and making any or all of our free services available to your members.

The LIVESTRONG Foundation

Cancer Horizons is pleased to recognize the LIVESTRONG Foundation and their important role connecting cancer patients to communities and services needed

Leading in the Dark – Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation

Cancer Horizons is pleased to feature this amazing organization in Las Vegas supporting kids with cancer and their families. Love this group of caring and compassionate people for the work they do and difference they make.

When You Need To Be Around Someone Who Gets “It”

We love all organizations that work so hard to support cancer patients right in their own backyard. They have incredible programs and resources exclusively for cancer patients and their families in the Dallas and Plano Texas markets. We hope all of our followers in the Dallas area will check them out and support their incredible programs.