Don’t Give Up Hope! There is financial  assistance for cancer patients available from a number of absolutely amazing organizations. There are over 100 organizations that help cancer patients financially with everything from emergency cash and help with utilities to assisting renters and home owners with rent payments and mortgage payments.

Let’s face it a cancer diagnosis can wipe you out physically, financially, spiritually and emotionally. With the extraordinary cost of treatments, hospital visits, travel to and from, prescription meds and all of the other required lotions, pills, clothing, and remedies. Cancer is a killer in so many ways for a family or individual to stay afloat or out of bankruptcy court. You didn’t ask for this disease, you didn’t prepare for it and certainly didn’t expect it so now all you can do is the very best you can to get through it and declare yourself officially “CANCER FREE.”

This large directory offered exclusively from Cancer Horizons has resources covering everything from financial help for breast cancer patients to help for cancer patients without insurance and even extending to financial help for cancer patients families and caregivers. The directory covers help for pediatric cancer patients, help with prescription medications and co-pays, legal assistance where needed, young adult cancer patient financial help and even life insurance funding or life settlement resources.

If you have a life insurance policy and can’t keep up with the premiums? Did you know there numerous options including getting a life settlement from a reputable carrier that will buy the policy from you and give you a lump sum of cash to get caught up on bills and actually live your life! If you are losing your policy from non-payment, we urge you to seek alternatives before the policy is terminated and you walk away with nothing.

If you are losing your home because of cancer – We ask that you explore the offerings found in the Mortgage, Rent & Utility section to see if there is a group that can advise or even assist with emergency cash based on your circumstances. If you also are at risk of utilities being turned off please check out the resources available to see if you possibly qualify.

Can’t afford your life-saving meds? Some of the most heart-wrenching stories we here at Cancer Horizons are those that a person has been diagnosed, started chemotherapy and improving only to find themselves in a position where they cannot afford to buy the prescriptions recommended because of the cost. What a tragedy, please check out the resources in our Prescription Medicine Assistance section to see if there is possible help here. If not most of the major pharmaceuticals offer their drugs at drastically reduced process for those that quality. We have heard good things about Merck’s Co-Pay Assistance Program.

You owe it to yourself to check out this great financial help resources for cancer patients and remember to check back often as new solutions are added regularly.

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  • I am battling with cancer, in need of any financial assistance, please provide me with more informations.

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