Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer support groups also commonly known as colon cancer support as well offer a unique resource for anyone that has been diagnosed with Colon Cancer.  There are many and varied types of cancer support groups available. We encourage you to look closely at each group for the interaction, information and support specific to your needs. For some cancers there are many groups and many choices, fortunately there are lots of colon cancer support group resources available to choose from. But just as no cancer patient is the same, not every group is the same, each of them offering differing aspects. At Cancer Horizons, we have worked hard to try to consolidate many of these groups in one database for our users to draw upon.

Remember to check “Other Cancers” if you don’t immediately see the type of cancer you want information about.

Try as we might, we might miss a group you believe in and think others in our community should know about. If you want to recommend a group to be listed, please contact us here because by sharing information we all become stronger.