About Us

About Cancer Horizons – we are a patient-centric resource exclusively for cancer patients, cancer caregivers and their families. Our motivation from the very beginning was to become a valuable resource for anyone fighting a battle with cancer in any form. We have created a large site filled with valuable technical and scientific information on all types of cancer. We have likewise spent significant time and resources to create one of the largest online directories of Free Products and Services for Cancer Patients along with an extensive directory of Financial Resources exclusively for cancer patients and their families.

The Cancer Horizons concept was to create a completely patient-centric website that was intimate in its engagement with patients and their loved ones but also seriously scientific in the information it presented. Any scientific information would be straight-forward and direct, easily understood by all.

Cancer Horizons is web portal that bridges the gap between “Research & Real People.” We are a life-affirming one stop shop of cancer-based information encompassing all types of cancer and all manner of people.

Cancer Horizons is a hub for patients and loved ones seeking information about cancer and finding not only that information but also an understanding and emotionally supportive community of peers.

We celebrate life here. We do not wait for death. We empower you via information, and you empower each other by sharing your experiences.

We don’t ask you for money. We portray many points of view, and we always want to know what you are thinking or what you would like to see.

We designed large portions of this site for you, whether you are a patient or loved one. We heard a lot about “the loneliness of cancer” and wanted to create a way for people to feel un-alone and connected.

The site you are on now is the result, and if you are a frequent visitor or contributor you know that a big part of this site is its users. While we pride ourselves on the high caliber of our information, that combined with the contributions of our users is the backbone of what we do.

We are always available to listen to what you have to say. We are creating a patient-based repository of knowledge and experience when it comes to cancer, and you telling your story enriches everyone. You can always contact us here or visit our Contribute Content page.

The conversation does not end here, either. Our Facebook page is fast and furious with all kinds of content you will not see on this site. But more importantly, there is conversation and community between our users happening there. We are also on YouTube bringing you original content.

We want you to keep swinging, to thrive and fight, so take whatever you find here and use it. Do it privately and at your own pace, or embrace the community and share your story. But whatever you, do please don’t give up… fight, and fight hard.