About Us

About Cancer Horizons – We are rapidly becoming one of the premier sites on the web dedicated exclusively to cancer patients, caregivers and their families. Our large and growing community of followers are all fluent online and immersed in the process of finding ways to “Stay Alive” for their families and loved ones. We are grateful for all of the amazing organizations involved in research and development to find a cure for cancer. These are all fine organizations that will someday find a cure and rid the world of this terrible disease.

In the meantime, there are millions of Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas and Grandpas that are struggling TODAY to just make it through. These courageous people are OUR COMPLETE FOCUS and thus the mission statement and purpose of Cancer Horizons.

We recognize that most charitable organizations do great things and rely on donations to survive. We, however are self-funded and will eventually have hundreds of corporate sponsors, each with a great product or service directed at helping cancer patients, each of these great corporate citizens just have a desire to help those in need. We provide opportunities for our corporate sponsors to expose their products to our community, promote free service offerings, encourage cash contributions to medical crowdfunding accounts of our members in need, offer free consumer goods to our community, and financial help in real and tangible ways. Since most everyone on the planet has in some fashion been impacted by cancer this becomes a herculean effort but one we are willing to take on side-by-side with our amazing and caring corporate sponsors.

How Do We Help a Cancer Patient?

Access to the Latest Cancer Related Information – Our research teams continually search the internet, hospitals, foundations, medical communication companies, personal contacts and our community for the latest news, break-through innovation, blockbuster cancer meds, and much more to help the patient

Free Stuff for Cancer Patients – We are the largest online directory currently of Free Products and Services exclusively for cancer patients and caregivers.

Financial Help for Cancer Patients – Our large directory of financial assistance for cancer patients is rapidly becoming one of the most visited sections of our website. We have resources to assist with mortgages and rent, emergency cash and help with utilities, free legal advice, travel and lodging assistance, help for caregivers, Prescription medication programs to relive the financial burden these can become, crowdfunding resources and even life insurance loan resources for many that need to tap into this great asset to keep a lifestyle in place or stay in their home.

Cancer Gifts – We have some of the finest and most experienced providers of gifts exclusively for cancer patients, from gifts for a man, woman or child currently undergoing chemotherapy, to adaptive clothing making it easy to connect a chest fort without disrobing to the finest selection of cancer wigs and head covers on the net.

Cancer Products – We have assembled a large number of specialty merchants for cancer patients from skin care, immune therapy, hair growing and shampoo products, genetic testing labs, Wig and head cover products for men and women to prosthetic and alternative health.

Cancer Pets – Our community is going to love this new section all about pets with cancer, solutions, care and innovation in the care for our best friends and biggest fans, our pets

State by State Cancer Resource Directory – for everything a cancer patient needs and from those located in their own State and town.

We celebrate life here. We do not wait for death. We empower you via information, and you empower each other by sharing your experiences.

We don’t ask you for money. We portray many points of view, and we always want to know what you are thinking or what you would like to see.

We designed large portions of this site for you, whether you are a patient or loved one. We heard a lot about “the loneliness of cancer” and wanted to create a way for people to feel un-alone and connected.

We want you to keep swinging, to thrive and fight, so take whatever you find here and use it. Do it privately and at your own pace, or embrace the community and share your story. But whatever you, do please don’t give up… fight, and fight hard.