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Free ride to medical appointments has been an issue that has weighed heavy on Cancer Horizons for the past year. Many in our community simply don’t have a large circle of support that can transport them to and from doctors’ appointments, chemotherapy, radiation, therapy and routine…

Manage the Chaos: Managing the chaos of a cancer diagnosis is a daunting task especially given a newly diagnosed cancer patients emotional state. Your world has suddenly turned up side down. You’re scared, overwhelmed and anxious. You’ve tried your best to listen and…

Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) or cancer that returns and begins to impact other organs like the brain, lungs, bones or liver is classified as stage IV and considered incurable. Researchers say otherwise, however. Check it out

6 amazing ladies with breast cancer sit down for a very candid and open discussion of everything from relationships to coping with a diagnosis.

Support loved ones by showing up, by listening, by sending gift certificates or gift baskets that help take their mind off the disease. Asking how to help is not enough.

A decision has been made for a mastectomy, The reality of the loss of breasts, however, and the witness of what remains can be more than some women can handle. Why not do it all at once!

U.S. Gov. Should Allocate 2% of Their Annual Cancer Budget Directly to Current Patients Financial assistance for cancer patients is desperately needed – Whether during a battle with cancer or as a survivor of cancer, often times the financial toll is never recovered from….

A cancer diagnosis brings out cheerleaders all trying to pour positive thoughts all over you. Sometimes that is not what's needed.

Most of the latest cancer drugs include the use of checkpoint inhibitors. This has turned into a multi-billion dollar insyrtry and the results so far are impressive

High school student in North Carolina diagnosed with leukemia attended her graduation and prom during chemotherapy much to the surprise of her doctor. SARINA Rocked Her Treatment

Don't let anyone tell you that a cancer diagnosis is taken well by everyone, it can be hell on relationships

Great story of a Utah woman and lymphoma survivor going on a 2,600 hike along the Pacific Crest Trail to raise money and awareness

Being a caregiver for another is hard, add to that the reality that your life is hundreds of miles away from the one needing help. This is a great article dealing with exactly that issue

It doesn't matter who you are but the cancer patient that has that special someone they can always call who will understand, not judge, not criticize and just support is the perfect "Champion"

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